Facebook Saves The Day


J.Hop Times Staff Writer

   Noah Brocklebank, a 13-year-old boy from Columbia, MD., had a plan to commit suicide on this birthday because he had been constantly bullied and thought he had no friends. None.

   His was so depressed he cut himself on his arms. "I only saw the bad side of people,'' he told Steve Hartman of CBS News. When his mother saw the picture he posted of his cuts and his shocking message about wanting to die, she took action. She took him to a hospital, and then went on Facebook and appealed to anyone to send him some good wishes.

   His mother only expected to or three letters, but she got thousands. After Noah got out of the hospital, he began reading the letters and his spirit and confidence were restored. "It's good to know there are so many nice people out there,'' Noah said. "People who care.''

   He said he thought it would take a long time to read all the wonderful letters.