The new old St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg: The town filled with everyday get-together events

By Graciela Ladera


        St. Petersburg is just one of those old towns that still has the old reminiscent architecture, shops, and bays.  Everyone from all ages come together with tradition to live life in this old but remarkable town. That’s why St. Petersburg has lots of fun get-together events every day.

        There’s lots do to for residents/people of St. Petersburg, and what’s good is that there’s events that happen every day for people to come to, so there’s something for everyone to do any day. You can come to city attractions such as the Dali Museum, the parks and recreational sites, and other art museums holding St. Petersburg’s arts and culture. There’s a list of events in St. Petersburg’s calendar, both recurring and upcoming, including tours, Zumba, yoga, and even Grand Prix.

          Old towns with their own history still holds their culture but change with the people’s changes, and anyone can choose events and do things of their likings. Such as St. Petersburg. Find something to do that St. Petersburg holds.