7th grade: The middle year of middle school


J.Hop Times Staff Writers

   So … seventh grade is finally over. The middle year in middle school.

   I laughed. I cried. But most of all, I had an amazing year as a seventh grader.
   To be honest, I can’t even get it into my head that I am going to be an eighth grader. It is almost like I was just a fourth grader.
   This year has gone by so fast. I realize it will get harder for school work but I will just have to try my best and get through it because as soon as it comes and as soon as it ends, I will be out of school and living life either being a Professional Soccer Player or a Nutritionist.
    I remember when I was a little frightened sixth grader last year, and was terrified to go to middle school and didn’t know who I would make as friends, how I would find my classes, what my classes and teachers would be like, and how hard or easy the work will be, and many more thoughts that came to my head on the first day of sixth grade.
    In sixth grade I was a little kid with no expectations for my middle school life of three years, but next year I will be the king of the school as an eighth grader.
   After eighth grade I will be going to high school and on from there.
    Wish me good luck, especially for my grades. I know school will be even harder next year.
    But if I made it this far, eighth grade will be a breeze.