Soccer player called to another field

SNN Staff Writer
The Lakewood High School football team has recruited a player from another sport to play a key position. Center for Advanced Technologies sophomore Matthew Hamilton, who plays soccer, will start as the LHS football teams’ kicker. Hamilton has never played for a football team, but he said he was excited when he was called up.
“I wanted to play football because I wanted to try something new besides soccer,” he said.
While Hamilton was playing indoor soccer, one of football coach Cory Moore’s assistants approached him and asked if he ever played football. Hamilton said the assistant told him that the team really needed a kicker. Hamilton usually plays striker or center back on the soccer team, depending on the coaches.
“I’m pretty good... but I need to work on controlling the ball. I’m decent I’d say,” Hamilton said.
Hamilton said he hopes to play football and also soccer if he is allowed to by his parents, but that has not been decided yet. Football is his second favorite sport, only surpassed by soccer. However, Hamilton goes to college on an athletic scholarship he would want it to be in football.
Soccer coach Andrew Holzbog coached Hamilton during the soccer season. Holzbog said he is confident that Hamilton will do well at football. He said Hamilton is effective on the soccer field because of his toughness, his strong legs and his aggression.
“He is a smart kid. He works hard, and I think he’d be a great fit for a kicker as long as he can play soccer afterward,” Holzbog said.
Moore said he is already impressed with Hamilton on the football field. Moore says that Hamilton has already bonded with his teammates and that he is a good kid.
“Yeah, I think he’ll do well at kicker; he also plays defense, he’s very athletic and we’re happy to have him a part of our program,” Moore said.