One for the history books

JHT Staff Writer    


     A musical written by three J.Hop students is advancing to the National History Day competition in Washington, D.C. this June. Hadassah Eborda, Annika Fuller, and Talya White are nothing less than superior, according to the judges at the Florida History Day competition in Tallahassee, Florida, this week.

     The three girls produced and starred in a musical drama about an historic event called “The Pullman Strike: An impetus to Change”, which they created in U.S. History teacher Ms. McRobert’s class. Their music, script, and lyrics were all original creations made specifically for their presentation.

     The performance earned “superiors” in all of the categories it was judged. Categories included research, historical content, relation to theme, analysis and interpretation, significance of the topic in history, and draws conclusions.

     Over 60,000 students from all over Florida competed on Monday, but only 65 students were selected to go to National History Day. After beating out 58 other group performances, the JHMS trio will compete in Washington DC on June 11th.

     “Even if we lose we will still be proud of the accomplishments we made,” said Hadassah. “We have a lot of unique aspects in our performance that will really stand out in the final judgment.”