J.Hop celebrates Black History Month with "Footsteps Through History"

Standing ovations. Shouts of joy. John Hopkins Middle School celebrated Black History Month with a performance called Footsteps Through History featuring poems, singing and even dancing. This night of events was entertaining, but above all, powerful.

Eighth grader Ja’kwon Brumadge participated in the event. “I think it went amazing. A lot of people were there to support us, cheering us on during our dances.”

There were the traditional colors , including yellow, green, black and red that almost everyone in the event wore. When the dancers were about to do their performance, everyone waited without breathing. The dances were in character and featured important people throughout African American history. The whole event was

Even students who weren’t there felt the energy. “I saw posts on Snapchat stories while it was happening,” said eighth grader Caryn Watson. “I connected to what I was seeing, and I think it was relevant to Black History Month because of what they were saying.”

The teachers who helped made the event happen were Ms. Mcintosh, Ms. Lynch, Ms. Hall and Mr. Johnson. They invited anyone to join, and all types of students participated. 

“I think events like this are important,” Ja’kwon said. “They give students a chance to participate.”

Caryn agrees. “Students don’t get too many opportunities if they aren’t in dance or chorus class. For (Footsteps Through History), everyone was there who wanted to be there. That’s what made it special."