Psychologist:  Linda Fraze <frazel@pcsb.org>

    Social Worker:   Darlene Pandolfo-Ellwood <pandolfo-ellwoodd@pcsb.org>

    Social Worker-Teen Parenting: DaRhonda Manning <manningda@pcsb.org>

    VE Specialist (ESE):  Alexi Seale <seala@pcsb.org> 

    Social-Emotional Learning-The following article is very good for anyone interested in ideas of how to prepare and transition our students to summer break: Click Supporting Students Through Summer

    Pinellas Headstart Program-provides educational services, as well as health, dental, and nutritional supports, for expectant parents, children in foster care, families experiencing homelessness, children with disabilities.  More information here.

    AMI Kids is now serving young adults from ages 16-24 for vocational certifications (all free).  Contact Correy McDuffie if you have questions or possible referrals.

    6500 102nd Ave N | Pinellas Park, FL 33782

    Work:  727.471.0390 ext. 212

    Cell: 727.212.5659

    Bayside Parents Log on to PCS Portal to view your student's grades, attendance, and student information. If you need a username and password, please visit the school to have one assigned to you. 

    Favorite Resources 

    eBook Library-Mental Health and Wellness

    eBook Library-Resilience and Overcoming Adversity