Our History

  • Belleair Elementary 1926
    Belleair Elementary School

    The basic Belleair structure was a two story red brick school with five classrooms, was built in 1926 by Robert M. Thompson on his bid of $47,539. Additions have by now made Belleair a 24 classroom school. Its peek enrollment has been over a thousand pupils. Belleair is renowned far and wide as the leading school in the teaching of conservation of natural resources.

    In 1929 to 1933 Belleair was used as a "overflow" for South Ward; part of this time it was out of use altogether, as the "Bust" was followed by the Depression. During Kathleen Plumb's term as Principal when half of the children were on relief, the faculty made the most of the opportunity to give happiness to them.

    Until the cafeteria was built in 1947, pupils were taken by bus to South Ward for lunch. In 1957 enrollment was so great that four Belleair classes were transported daily to High Point School. Ponce de Leon School opened and remedied the situation the next year. 

    In the school year of 1957-1958, Belleair had 23 classroom teachers. The enrollment continued to increase. The following year was Belleair's peak for pupil enrollment and faculty members. Twenty eight classroom teachers taught over 1,000 youngsters that year. Four classes were bused over to High Point Elementary-one third grade, one fourth, and two sixth grades. Even with the use of High Point one sixth grade class had 45 students. 

    A beautiful, air conditioned library building was completed on the eastern side of the red brick building on February 3rd, 1964. With the start of the 1964 school year, Belleair was desegregated for the first time. Nathaniel Golden started first grade that year as one of three African Americans in a class of 26. In 1985 Nathaniel Golden entered his own daughter at Belleair in Kindergarten. 

    During the summer months of 1985 the library building was renovated into an administrative suite for Belleair. Including the cafeteria, the school is being completely air conditioned and a new media center is being constructed on the site of the old, original, two story building during 1986-1987. 

    A kindergarten pod, consisting of four classrooms, was completed in 1995. A modern kitchen especially built for young children to use, included a glass-topped range, a wall mounted oven a microwave, a sink, some cabinets, and a refrigerator. 

    1. Myrtle Plumb 1926-1929
    2. Kathleen Plumb 1933-1936
    3. Winnefred Soutamire 1936-1940
    4. Ivy Coil Hammock 1940-1945
    5. Clara Reid 1945-1971
    6. William E. Phillips 1971-1982
    7.Salvatore Iannone 1982-1985
    *Ann Stuckey 1985-1986 (Interim Principal)
    8. Brenda Leasure 1986-1992
    9. Donna Arnott 1992-1995
    10. Jacob "Jake" Dietzer 1995-1998
    11. Marsha Gibbs 1998-2007
    12. Robert Ovalle 2007-2010
    13. Tabitha Griffin 2010- 2019
    14. Kelly Austin 2019 - 2022
    15. Renee Kelly 2022 - Present