• Secondary Physical Education


    The purpose of the Physical Education Program is to provide an opportunity for all students to grow and develop in the physical, cognitive, effective, and social domains through a movement based curriculum. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate in order to provide knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will enable an individual to be active and physically fit through a healthy lifestyle.

    The secondary curriculum has advanced to meet the changing needs of our students. A wide variety of experiences are used to develop skills to a level of successful achievement and to provide a selective atmosphere to develop activities of choice.

    The Middle School Curriculum is organized around specific skills or groups of skills. The focus is on student outcomes. Activities are the means through which the student can practice, refine and develop competence in the skills.

    The High School Curriculum provides the district-required HOPE course and the remaining Physical Education curriculum is elective. Within the elective requirements, students may choose a course, which offers them groups of activity experiences, such as individual/dual sports, team sports, tennis, golf, softball, soccer, basketball, weight training courses, and fitness related courses.