Our Superlatives of the Year

  • Tiffany Rossiter

    Forest Lakes ES Teacher Of the Year - Mrs. Tiffany Rossiter - Speech Language Pathologist

    Known for stepping up for students, staff, and our school community! She is a teacher-leader, a collaborator, and known for taking on the extras (clubs, Specials Olympics, etc)!

    Gillian Bailey

    Forest Lakes ES Emerging Teacher Of the Year - Mrs. Gillian Bailey - Autism Spectrum Classroom Teacher

    Known for her passion for ESE students and her perseverance in meeting their needs! She is reflective and comes in every day to make a difference!

    Sue Machamer

    Forest Lakes ES Support Person Of the Year - Mrs. Sue Machamer - Autism Spectrum Classroom Assistant

    Known for her leadership and go-getter attitude. She is dedicated to her students and their biggest cheerleader!