2020-2021 Principal’s Partners for Excellence

  •  SunSolutions Tinting  
    Sun Solutions Tinting - Partner to Ms. Duffy and Ms. Linda
     FLE mascot
    Ms. Michele Fleming - Partner to Mrs. McDonald
    FLE mascot
    The Bisson Family - Partner to Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Dang,
    Mrs. Larson, and Mrs. Sinos

2020-2021 School Partners

  • Three Brothers
    Three Brothers *New York Pizza* - Partner to Mrs. Choinacky, Mrs. Nadig, and Mrs. Bitetzakis
     Grade Power Learning
    Grade Power Learning - Partner to Mrs. Papamichael and Mrs. Skelton
    Pediatric Dentistry of Westchase
    Pediatric Dentistry of Westchase - Partner to Mrs. Merrer and Mrs. Nadig
    FLE mascot

    The Scangarello Family

    Partner to Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Dang, and Mrs. Ferra 




    Toro Orthodontics

    Toro Orthodontics - Partner to Mrs. Harbaugh and Mrs. Gums





    FLE mascot

    The Tyurin Family - Partner to Mrs. Pages 



    FLE mascot

    The Ufondo Family - Partner to Mr. Taylor (Art), Mrs. Kambouris (Music), and

    Coach Rexford and Coach Dublino (P.E.)

2019-2020 Classroom Partners


    Creative Concrete Services  - Partner to Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Sinos, and Mrs. Merrer



    The Oakman Family and The Lozano Family (grandparents) - Partner to Mrs. Powers


    The Tierney Family  - Partner to Mrs. Choinacky and Mrs. Smith