• Change of Address

    Planning to move?

    According to the Code of Student Conduct, if you have moved over the summer or will move during the school year, parents are required to give the school their new address within five days of their move.

    If the school discovers that you have moved, and you have not told them, your child could be “found out of that school’s attendance area.” This could mean an immediate change of school for your child and your child could be deemed ineligible for athletics and other school activities.

    Follow these easy steps to update your address and to keep the district informed.

    Steps to change your child’s address during the school year:

    1. Log in with your User ID and Password to the Student Reservation System
    2. Click on Change of Residence Addresslink and follow the steps.

    Proof of Residence Requires two of the following items: utility bill for power, water, cable, sewer or land-based telephone (not cellular); rental agreement or lease; closing document; Pinellas County tax statement with homestead exemption. The items must be recent and include the name of the parent/guardian and the service/home address.