• The ABE/GED program provides educational opportunities for individuals wishing to improve basic skills in preparation for earning a General Educational Development Diploma(GED). Individualized and self-paced instruction allows students to proceed at their own rate of learning. The content includes reviews in English, mathematics, writing, social studies, science, literature and the arts. Sample tests, preparation and review are provided. The pretest services as a predictor of performance on the GED test and indicates what areas the student may need to review before taking the Official GED Test.

    Day GED classes are for ages 16 and up; this class is ideal for younger students as there are two teachers available during the day classes.

    Evening GED classes are for ages 16 and up; this class is perfect for the student that works during the day or doesn't have transportation during the early morning hours. 

    Students use a variety of learning materials to prepare for the GED Exam.  The classes are inclusive to all skill levels and have a flexible attendance policy.

    Please call 727-893-2955 for more information.