Dress Code

  • Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy

    Required Student Dress Code 


    Students are required to wear the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy logo golf shirts to school everyday. Shirts are to be worn tucked into bottoms. The Academy will provide four logo golf shirts and two sweatshirts to each student free of charge at the beginning of the school year. Families may purchase additional shirts or sweatshirts for $12.00 at any time.


    School uniform bottoms can either be solid color Navy blue or Khaki. Students may choose pants, shorts, capris, skorts or skirts made of cotton, twill or a cotton/polyester blend.             


    Cargo, multi-pocket shorts and pants or “skinny” pants, jeans or leggings are not permitted.

    Bottoms made of denim, nylon, fleece or flannel material are not acceptable school dress code attire.               

    Shorts, skorts and skirts may not extend below the knee or be shorter than mid-thigh. They must be the correct size for the student and worn at the student’s natural waist.


    Belts are required to be worn everyday.

    Any plain, dark color belt (with no words or logo on it) with a standard size belt buckle is acceptable.

    Sweatshirts and Outerwear:

    Any type of outerwear jacket may be worn to school but must be removed prior to the start of the school day.

    Only Academy sweatshirts may be worn inside the classrooms.


    Solid color socks with no designs or decorations are permitted. Girls may wear solid color tights.


    Shoes or sneakers are necessary and must have a closed toe and a closed heel. For safety reasons,       sandals, boots, slippers and flip flops are not allowed.