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Cell Phone Reminder from the Code of Conduct

We encourage all students to turn off their phone and put it in a safe place whenever they are on school grounds. This will limit distractions, and disruptions for all students, and help create the best possible working and learning environment.


Cell Phones And Other Electronic Devices, Page 60 of the PCS Student Code of Conduct:

Parents are advised that the best way to get in touch with their child during the school day is by calling the child’s school office. Students may possess an electronic device, which is defined as a device designed to receive and send an electronic signal, so long as they do so in strict compliance with this policy and any rules that individual schools may impose. Any student who fails to abide by the terms of this policy forfeits any right or privilege to possess any electronic device described in this policy. Pinellas County Schools recognizes the ever-increasing importance of technology in students’ lives and the beneficial role it can play for student education and communication when used responsibly. The possession and use of such devices should not interfere with academic instruction, student safety or a positive school climate. At no point should an electronic device be used in a manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person; disrupts the educational process, school programs or activities; or violates Board Policy or federal/state law including but not limited to cyberbullying, sexual harassment, threats or cheating on tests or assignments. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the cell phone or electronic device. If the cell phone or electronic device is confiscated, it will be released/returned to a parent unless an alternative arrangement is agreed to by the principal (or designee). A student may possess a cell phone and other electronic devices in school, on school property, at school-related functions, provided these items are powered off and concealed from view while school is in session. At the discretion and upon approval of the school administrator, students may use electronic devices on school property, on school buses, or at school-sponsored events according to the following guidelines: A. Before school until the beginning of the school day. B. During a student’s lunch period. C. During passing periods. D. During class for instructional activities, with permission from the teacher. E. After school at the end of school day. During official school hours the following rules apply: A. Students MAY NOT use electronic devices at school or school-sponsored activities to take pictures or record audio or video of students or school staff (including teachers, administrators or staff) without the prior consent of the student or staff member. B. Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices on school property or at a school-sponsored activity to access and/or view Internet web sites that are otherwise blocked to students at school. C. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is prohibited in locker rooms, bathrooms, and/or swimming areas. D. The student who brings a cell phone or other electronic device to school does so at their own risk. The student who possesses a cell phone or other electronic device is responsible for its care. E. Any cell phone or other electronic device left behind on a district school bus will be retained at the respective bus compounds until retrieved either by the student or parent possessing proper identification. F. School Board staff are not responsible for preventing theft, loss, damage, or vandalism to cell phones or other electronic devices brought onto its property, or left on school buses, including any electronic device confiscated due to inappropriate use.