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Impacting The Future

Impacting The Future
Many students struggle with poor grades, low self-esteem, or adjusting to a traditional academic environment. At the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy, we are determined to positively impact the graduation rate of our community and prepare our students for success in the most important game of all. Life.

A Perfect Partnership
The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation acts in partnership with Pinellas County Schools to offer this unique, public-private academy that serves grades 4 through 8. The public school system identifies children in need of our special surroundings. Pinellas County Schools also provides our teachers, teachers assistants, bus transportation & food service. The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation provides the Academy Director, School Counselor, the facilities and classroom enrichment materials.

Preparing For Success At The Game Of Life
The Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy uses a holistic approach to education.  We place an emphasis on: 
Mentoring Programs
Social Skills
Core Values
Business Skills