My favorite neighbor


Third grade

Photo by RONALD KELLY, third grade

My neighbor Jayden Gregory, and I stand in front of his house after playing games and reading books after school on March 13. 


The one person in Jordan Park that makes me thrilled is my friend Jayden Gregory. Every day after school I go over to his house and we ride our bikes around Wildwood Park and Melrose and all around the neighborhood. 

When I met Jayden he seemed to me like he would be a great friend . He is very kind and doesn’t bother anybody. One time I couldn’t ride my bike because my tire was flat. I was upset, but he let me ride one of his bikes. When I am down, he always cheers me up. One day I didn’t have anyone to play with, so he asked his dad if he could come outside and play, and he came out and played hide and seek and freeze tag. That cheered me up. 

We also make up games to play together like monster laser tag and freeze run. It’s very fun being creative with my friend Jayden. Sometimes when we’re out on our bikes people try to push us off our bikes and pick on us, but I’m glad Jayden is with me because when this happens he stands up for us and tells them to leave us alone. I’m happy he is my friend because he helps me and he stands up for people he cares about.