Our family store

Third grade
Bowl of candy
Photo by RINYIAH GALLOWAY, third grade

A bowl of bubble gum, Air Heads and lollypops are some things you can buy at my family store that we started a year ago.

Soda, flips, peanuts and candy. These are the things I sell at my house in Jordan Park. My family has a store we run in our house. My job at the store is to answer the door and get the customers what they need. If they give me too much money, I have to give them back money.

My mom and dad came up with the idea to open the store about a year ago. Last year, when I got off my school bus after coming home from Woodlawn Elementary, my sisters and I told people about the store. The people we told about it started telling other people and then we had a lot of customers.

We open the store whenever my mom or dad wakes up. We close the store when we go to bed or when people stop coming. We buy the stuff we sell at Sam’s Club.

I like that my family has a store because we have more money to spend than we used to. It’s fun having a store because you get to see your friends when you open the door. I get to show how organized I am and help my parents earn some extra money. This store means so much to me, and I thank God for what he is doing for me and my family.