My world

Third grade
Photo by JA’SHANNA LYONS, third grade

In my clean bedroom that I share with my older sister Ja’lissa Lyons you will notice that her bed is made, her stuff is not all over the floor and she keeps her notebooks and papers organized in a green bin.

One thing I love about my house is that it’s colorful. It has 2 colors white and light green. I live at Flagler point. It’s an apartment on 3501 5th Ave. South.
If you walk inside my house and go to my bedroom you’ll see two beds inside there because I share a room with 13-year-old sister Jalissa. You’ll see that we keep our stuff organized. Our shoes are in our closet in a straight line and we always keep our clothes folded. Our room is cleaner than our parents’ room. I like sharing a room with my big sister because she makes me happy. She lets me use her stuff, her markers and crayons.

What I like most about my apartment is I can ride my bike down the hallway outside and to the park in my apartment complex. I see families outside playing in the park. Flagler Pointe is a place where families have fun, can be safe and live happily ever after.