Kindergarteners learn about MLK

MLK design
Photo by TONIYHA MATTHEWS, fifth grade

Ms. Jocelyn’s kindergarten class decorated their door for black history month with their hands that they traced on construction paper because they were learning about Martin Luther King. “I learned that Martin Luther King did a lot for us and I liked cutting the hands out and coloring,” said Breanna Bouey, a kindergartner in Ms. Joceyln’s class.

WHO: Ms. Jocelyn’s kindergarten class

WHAT: Students traced their hands, cut them out, read a poem about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and found letters they knew and circled them.

WHEN: Feb. 7

WHERE: In their classroom. They hung it up outside of their door.

WHY: It is Black History Month.

WOW: “Martin Luther King was a good man. He stands for freedom.”—Danilla Ruffin