Fun Fridays

Photo by ANDREW BOATMAN, first grade

Chyenne Boatman, first-grader in Mrs. Abbott’s class, is playing with the snap cubes for her class’s fun Friday activities on March 15.

WHO: Ms. Abbott’s class

WHAT: Students earn fun Friday minutes. If they earn enough points by doing homework and following the three TEEs, then on Friday they can do fun activities.

WHEN: Every Friday

WHERE: In the classroom or on the playground

WHY: So we will remember to follow the three TEEs

WOW: Jason Coston likes “playing bley blades (on fun Fridays) because we get to use the cubes to build a bley blade and can spin them.”

“When it was fun Friday we played with math tubs. We got to build things.”—Jaila Kelty

“I like getting on JiJi on ST Math because you can play fun games. It can make your grades higher.”—Jayla Ferguson