Kindergarten teacher injured during game

teacher injured

Photo by LAKENDRIC WOODS, fifth grade

Ms. Jocelyn shows her kindergarten students how to write a sentence while standing on her injured ankle on April 4.


Who: Ms. Jocelyn, kindergarten teacher

What: Hurt her ankle during the March Madness basketball game

When: March 21

Where: On the P.E. Court

How: She jumped really high and landed on her ankle.” It was very painful,” she said.

Wow: “I felt pretty sad that she hurt her foot,” said kindergartener Aunysti Everett, who saw it happen as she cheered during the basketball game.

The students made nice cards for Ms. Jocelyn, and Ms. Jocelyn said that made her feel much better.

“I am wearing an ankle brace to keep it very still so it doesn’t hurt too much,” Ms. Jocelyn said. The brace has three parts that each stick together.