Bring your child to work day

Child & Mother

Photo by LAKENDRIC WOODS, fifth grade
Mrs. Logan and Trey, her son, stand in her room during bring your child to work day on April 25.

On Thursday, April 25th, it was bring your child to work day. Many teachers brought their children to Melrose Elementary to discover what it’s like to spend the day working at Melrose.

Trey, 9, the son of Mrs. Logan, helped his mom by working morning duty and reminding kids to keep their shirts tucked. “I think it was hard because she has some kids that are challenging,” said Trey.

Mrs. Logan also had Trey help with reading intervention. Trey said, “It felt fun because I didn’t have to do my school work.”

 Trey thought Melrose was a really good school because the kids and teachers were nice.

Another teacher who brought her children to Melrose was Ms. McDonald, who teaches first grade. Lily, 9, and Alyson, 19, got to help out and both had different opinions.

“I think that it’s very busy, there’s always something going on,” said Alyson, who volunteers in her mom’s classroom when she can.

Lily said she would like to come again because she liked to help out her mom. She helped calm the kids down while her big sister, Alyson, helped by organizing papers and reading  books to the class.

Overall, the visiting kids loved the students and staff at Melrose Elementary and they all look

forward to coming again.