Istation is an internet-based comprehensive reading intervention program that ensures that students reach their full reading potential. It is and adaptive research-based formative instruction application based on the Florida State Standards for reading. Istation is an online program that strengthens reading skills knowledge through engaging, interactive content in a game-like format. To extend your learning beyond the school day students can access Istation from home. The expectation for students in grades K-2 is to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per week and for students in grades 3-5 a minimum of 60 minutes per week.
Step 1: How to Install Istation on your home computer (first time set-up only)
Installation instructions for Windows computer
When you are directed to enter the domain name, type "dunedin.pinellas.fl"
Step 2: How to log in to Istation from home through Clever
Once you have downloaded the program to your computer, your Student will log into the program through Clever. Follow this link for instructions on how to log into Clever at home: