Visual Arts

  • art of education
    The Maximo Art Department is an energetic, bustling place of creativity. Students work diligently at assigned stations, honing not only their artistic abilities, but also their broader minds. Students' understanding of mathematical and scientific principles learned in class are deepened in the work that they do in the art room, whether it's in the attention given to angles and lines or in the way the parts of a landscape work together to create an ecosystem. 
     art gallery
     Student work is regularly highlighted in the school's art gallery.
     To view student award-winning student artwork, visit our Visual Arts page: Visual Arts
     art hallway
     All down the main hallway, students' artwork is proudly displayed. Hallways are decorated with colorful images created from a multitude of materials and resources.
          got clay      art wall
     digital art  
     In addition to traditional artwork, students also create original, digital work
     Maximo artists in grades K through 5th enrich their art experiences once a week for 50 minutes and explore the following types of art:
    *Painting- watercolor & Tempera
    *Oil Pastels
    *Chalk Pastels
    *Mixed Media
    *2D & 3D Sculptures
     Maximo Art Director, Alicia Urbano