• Please call 727-221-5395 for further information.

    Clearview Adult Education Center

    3815 43rd St. North

    St. Petersburg, FL  33714

    Day Classes:  Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

    Currently enrolled high school students CANNOT attend day classes at Clearview Adult Education Center.

    The Adult/High School Credit Recovery Program enables students without a diploma to make-up high school credits using the APEX program.  This can be accomplished in our computer lab at Clearview Adult Education Center or online on a home PC with an internet connection.  All testing must be completed in the Clearview Adult Education Center Lab.

    Adult students not currently enrolled in Pinellas County Schools should come to the Clearview Adult Education Center office with their transcripts, if available, and speak with a counselor. 

    Over 20 core courses are offered through APEX. The curriculum is self-paced, and progress and completion of the course is mastery-based. Once the work is completed, the credit is earned. Classes are staffed with subject area certified teachers.  Audio learners are able to listen to lessons through headphones.

    *Tuition fees apply