Here are some tips to help make the school's car line move along more smoothly:
    • Aim to be in line by 9:20 a.m. to arrive on time, even earlier if it's raining.
    • Patience is easier to muster when you plan realistically. The car line will take a minimum of 15 minutes from start to finish, more if you are arriving at peak times or on a rainy day.
    • Read and observe the traffic pattern outlined in our school traffic plan 
    • Notice that if you approach from 38th St. S, you can make a right to get into the parking lot. 
    • Do not let your child out of the car in the morning until you have reached the drop off area in front of the school. Do not let your child cross the parking lot to meet you in the afternoons.
    • Display your child's name on a placard in your windshield.
    • Please stay off the cell phone when the car line is active.


    • Please do not drop off/pick up in prohibited areas (38th St., side street/alley, or parking/stopping/turning vehicles on the grass)
    • Please pull in at either of the two entrances (38th St. or from 22nd Ave. S.).
    • Please put away all electronic devices while your're active in the car line.
    • Enter the main feed into the car line separated by the solid line (after passing the deliminators--yellow barriers next to the Marquee).
    • Cars will pull forward towards the STOP sign beyond the main entrance.
    • Drivers will feed into one line after making the left turn at the STOP sign and bike rack to enter the main loading area.
    • Cars in line will pick up students and safely vacate the car line by pulling forward past the main entrance making a left (at the STOP sign) as you travel west towards the retention pond.
    • Drivers may elect to bypass the right turn only west exit at 22nd Ave. S. by turning left towards the marquee and following the route east towards 38th St.
    • Drivers exiting campus using the southwest exit at 22nd Ave. S. must make a right turn only during start/dismissal times as reflected on the signs.

    Please take a moment to review the Traffic Map.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.