• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  - Guidance

    Q: Who is my child's guidance counselor?
    A: Last name (A-K) Mr. Andrew Ramirez and last name (L-Z) Ms. Courtney Ward.
    Q: How do I schedule a conference?
    A: Please contact your child's counselor by phone (727-552-1737) or email (links above - click the appropriate name).
    Q: How can I check my student's progress?

    A: You can check your student's current progress by logging in to the PCS Focus system, http://parent.pinellas.k12.fl.us/.

    PCS Focus allows parents to log in and check their child’s grades, attendance, discipline, etc. in real time. PCS Focus also has a list of programs specific to parents, such as the Student Reservation System (SRS), PCS Online Community Center, Parent Forms, and Meal Pay. These programs are listed on the main page of PCS Focus, so after you log in, you will see them on the lower right of the screen. Logging into PCS Focus gives the parents a “one-stop shopping” experience. 

    TO LOG-IN:

    Username = "p."+ParentConnect Username (example: "smithr" becomes "p.smithr"). 

    Password Password = ParentConnect Password (if your password is less than 6 characters add enough Z's at the end to make a 6 character password). The Password must be all capital letters and\or numbers