Refund Policy


    • If a student withdraws for active military service, the student is given two options.
      • The student is given a full refund or credit and the withdrawal is noted for active military duty.
      • The student is given the opportunity to complete the course(s) at a later date without academic or financial penalty.
    • A student may cancel an enrollment at any time before the commencement of a class and shall be entitled to a refund of tuition.
    • Students who withdraw from their career technical programs qualify for a refund of tuition and lab fees.  The withdrawal, (the last day of attendance), must occur within the first 10 class sessions or first 50 enrollment hours following the entry date on the class registration form, whichever occurs first. Notice of withdrawal must be submitted to the records office. See Teachers' Handbook for additional information.
    • Refunds, when due, are made within 45 days (1) of the last day of attendance if written notification has been provided to the institution by the student, or (2) from the date the institution terminates the student or determines the student has withdrawn.
    • Refunds will be issued for incorrect fee charges, classes that are closed due to low enrollment, or an administrative determination that the student is in the incorrect program.
    • The application fee, facility fee, parking and ID fees are nonrefundable.
    • Tuition paid by Title IV funding (Pell Grant) will be refunded to the grant according to the Title IV policy.
    • Students enrolled in Continuing Workforce Education classes are not entitled to a refund once the class has commenced.

    Note:  Refunds, when due, are made without requiring a request from the student. 

    Updated August 2019