•   General admissions process:

    • Meet with a counselor to discuss program interests and requirements.
    • Apply for financial aid, if necessary.
      • To apply online, visit . The School Code for PTC (St. Petersburg campus) is 013917 .  Students can also obtain an application from the Financial Aid office.
      • Financial Aid may not cover all expenses; students may have to pay out of pocket for some fees.
      • Once notification of eligibility is received (typically 3-5 business days), speak with a financial aid specialist.
    • Take placement testing, if necessary.
    • Review the Essential Functions for the occupation you wish to study. These functions best describe the requirements for being successful once you complete your training..  Accommodations are available during the instructional program for students with documented learning or physical challenges. Please see a counselor for further information.
    • Complete program interview or shadowing.  Some programs have specific days and/or dress codes for shadowing, so please speak with a counselor before coming in.
    • If using an outside funding agency (CareerSource, Voc. Rehab, etc.), provide all paperwork to the agency.
    • Complete the registration form
    • Pay all applicable fees.
    • Students must provide proof of Florida residency when they register. (For information on proof of residency, click here)

    General information:

    • Students must be at least 16 years of age and not currently enrolled in high school.
    • Most of our programs start five times per school year:  August, October, January, March/April, and June. 

    Please speak with a counselor for further information.