Dunedin Elementary School ESOL

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    We have three ESOL teachers:  Mrs. Earle, Mrs. Jimenez-Ros, and Mrs. Ress.  We also have two bilingual assistants, Mrs. Nava and Mrs. Pagan.
    We support our Kindergarten through 5th grade ESOL students and teachers throughout the day in every subject area with small group instruction. Our team provides translations for families, faculty, PTA, and Title I. We assist with conferences, parents registering for our school and programs and provide information and resources within the school and community.
    We survey our parents at the beginning of the year to learn more about the issues and concerns they may have regarding their children. We use that information to hold bimonthly "ESOL Coffee Talks."  
    Check out the important information below.  


    Pinellas County ESOL Websites
    Pinellas County School’s ESOL Department developed a new program called Hablemos. It is a Spanish speaking talk show that features great information to parents in regards to what happens in our schools and what resources are available in school and the community. The show airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30p.m. View the show on: Channel 614 – Bright House, Channel 46 – Verizon, Channel 2 – Knology. You can also watch the show via live web stream at www.wpds.tv
    ESOL Parent Hotline
    Pinellas County has its very own Spanish Parent Helpline.   Erica Reckenwald will assist you Monday – Friday. Parents can call (727) 588-6415. All inquiries will be addressed.
    Get Connected. Get Answers.
    A telephone crisis intervention services and information/referrals to local health and human services in your area regarding medical, mental, shelter, food, clothing, support for children, youth, and families. Visit: Just dial 211