Third Grade Supply List

  • (Except Mrs. Gerber. Please see her list below.)

    1 3-ring, 2-inch CLEARVIEW binder (solid color only) for Language Arts

    1 3-ring, 1-inch CLEARVIEW binder (solid color only) for Science

    4 solid color plastic folders with 2 pockets & 3 prongs (no illustrated covers) 1 RED, 1 GREEN, 1 BLUE, 1 YELLOW

    2 composition books

    2 packages WIDE ruled loose leaf paper

    1 package page dividers 

    3 packages (24 pack) #2 SHARPENED pencils (Ticonderoga pencils if possible) **Please no mechanical pencils.

    1 box of colored pencils

    8 Glue sticks

    Yellow Highlighters

    Pencil Pouch (NO BOXES)

    Headphones or ear buds for computer. Please put it in a plastic Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name




    Printer Paper

    Disinfectant wipes


    Updated 5/4/2020