Adult Education

  • As part of Pinellas County Schools, adult educations centers, including Pinellas Technical College (PTC) Clearwater and PTC St. Petersburg will follow all districtwide health and safety protocols as outlined in this document.

    Cohort: To the extent possible, students in self-contained programs will remain as a cohort (group of students/teachers) throughout the day.  This will minimize the exposure to larger numbers of individuals throughout the school day.

    Social Distancing: Students must maintain social distancing to the greatest extent possible when on campus. This includes in parking lots, common areas, in classrooms and shop spaces. When it is not possible to socially distance, students should engage in more frequent handwashing, and whenever possible, wear masks/face coverings.

    Personal Protective Equipment- PPE (masks, face coverings and shields): Aligned to the protocols for Pinellas County Schools, PPE must be worn to the greatest extent possible in all buildings and classrooms. Understanding that there may be students, due to medical conditions, who will not be able to wear/utilize a mask/face covering, staff in those cases will need to wear a mask/face covering and shield. In addition, social distancing to the maximum extent possible should be considered when developing lessons and activities.

    Class Scheduling: Class schedules will be amended to reduce large volume arrival and departure periods. In-school and distance-lesson activities will be offered on an alternating schedule and class period starting and ending times will be staggered to reduce traffic in concourse areas. Classes will also be divided into smaller groups wherever necessary and possible.

    Instruction: All instruction will be conducted in-person to the greatest extent possible.  Should the need to close a classroom or building occur, a blended method of instruction (similar to spring 2020) will be put in place with technical skill practice and assessment scheduled individually.

     Student Registration: Students will be encouraged to register and pay for classes online if possible, in order to limit the number of visitors to the registration area. For students needing to register and/or pay in-person, an appointment must be scheduled in advance. Registration and fee payment periods/dates will be staggered to limit the number of visitors to the registration area.

    Counseling/Financial Aid Offices: Financial Aid Officers will see students by appointment only.
    A counseling appointment system is being developed for current students.

    Classrooms and Shops: In all classrooms and shops, non-essential furniture will be removed, and a maximum capacity will be established based on size and spacing needed for proper social distancing. In instances when equipment must be shared, cleaning must occur on a frequent basis, between students and will need to be planned for by teachers. Project group sizes will be limited; and shop schedules will be developed to reduce the number of students in a shop at one time. Gloves and masks/face coverings will be required in all shop areas.

    Cafeteria and Breakroom Spaces: In order to minimize crowding, lunch and break periods will be staggered and a limited number of tables and chairs will be available in dining areas and outdoor spaces.  The cafeteria will offer more “grab and go” meals to reduce the number of students dining together, and common areas will be cleaned and sanitized between lunch periods.

    Common Areas: Seating in all common areas, including the front office, will be reduced to allow for proper social distancing. A waiting area will be established for the bookstore, and classes will be scheduled for bookstore transactions in order to limit the number of customers in the store at one time. Media Centers will be closed until further notice. Group Functions and Facility Rentals are suspended until further notice.

    Computer/Testing Labs: A maximum capacity will be established for computer labs to allow for six-feet between stations and labs will have extended hours to allow for fewer testers at one session. Testing will be done by appointment only. School-provided headphone sets will not be available. Students wishing to use headphones must provide their own. A regular sanitizing protocol will be followed to ensure stations are cleaned between users.

    Student Arrival and Departure (including Dual Enrollment Buses): Bus drop-off and pick-up times and locations will be staggered to the greatest extent possible. All students will be asked to proceed directly to their classroom upon arrival to campus. Afternoon pick-up procedures will be adjusted to allow for greater social distancing while students are waiting for a ride.