Pinellas Virtual School (K-12)

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    Pinellas Virtual School (PVS)


    Florida Virtual School Franchise curriculum taught by Pinellas Virtual School teachers using Canvas Learning Management Platform and the FLVS Learning Management Platform

    Details and Considerations

    • Enroll as a student at Pinellas Virtual School (no longer enrolled in your assigned school and do not keep a seat within a District Application Program).
    • Full semester (18 weeks) commitment for enrollment as a full-time PVS student.
    • Courses start August 24 and parent/student must commit to full time enrollment through the end of the semester.
    • Students will no longer be enrolled at their home school and seat will not be held at any District Application Program.
    • All full-time PVS students will enroll in six courses. Students and families in all grade levels will select and enroll in six courses for the semester. The Pinellas Virtual School administrative team will assist families through this process.
    • All assignments, assessments and required direct contact hours/processes with virtual teacher are to be successfully completed within 16-18 weeks.
    • All instruction is delivered virtually.
    • Students, for most requirements, may work at their own pace and desired time of day.
    • Students are provided a pacing chart for each course that breaks down what work is to be completed each week for 16 weeks. If the pacing chart is followed and work is completed each week, there is not a specific time or day that they must be online.
    • Content is available 24/7 and curriculum encourages students to master key concepts as they progress through lessons.
    • Students receive support from Pinellas Virtual School teachers, who provide one-on-one instruction using the latest technology for online learning.
    • Teachers communicate with students and families a minimum of one time per month to discuss their progress. Parents and students can also contact the PVS teacher with questions.
    • Pinellas Virtual School follows the Pinellas County School Board calendar for holidays and beginning and end of semesters.
    • Self-motivation, self-determination, communication, organization, time management and computer literacy skills are critical to student success in Pinellas Virtual School.

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