Title I

  • School Public Accountability Report

    Annual SPAR

    This report comes out annually to provide a variety of information.  Please pay attention to the year.

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  • What is Title I?

    Title I blocks

    Bardmoor is happy to announce that we continue to meet the guidelines to qualify as a Title I school.

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  • Mission Statement


    The Mission of Title I is to promote high student achievement by providing support and relevant resources through an integrated system that involves all stakeholders
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  • Title I


    Title 1 provides
    * Small group instruction to meet individual student needs
    * A curriculum focused on reading, writing, and math, driven by Florida State Standards
    * Home and school connection through partnerships with teachers and family
    * Technology Assisted Programs
    * Partner Teachers
    * Family Involvement Nights
    * Parent Trainings
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  • Title I Budget

    budget  Please view the attached pdf to view our current Title I budget.  If you have any questions, please feel free to request to speak with Ms. Owens , Principal (owensle@pcsb.org) or Jan Ottinger, Title I MTSS coach (ottingerj@pcsb.org).
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  • Title I 2016-2017

    Title I


    2016_2017 SPAR report

    2016-2017 Right to Know





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  • View Title I Parent Empowerment Toolkit

    toolkitOpen attached pdf to view Title I Parent Toolkit.
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  • View a copy of our current Title I compact


    The compact is a document that will be distributed by classroom teachers. It is a document that reinforces the need for shared responsibility between parents, students and teachers.
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  • Title I Annual Meeting



    annual meeting

    Title I Annual Meeting

    Our Annual Open House meeting is scheduled for TH. Sept 1 starting at 5:30 p.m  Please join us in the cafeteria for an overview followed by specific classroom sessions.
    If you missed our annual meeting,  Please review agenda below


    Title I Overview 2016-2017

    Budget       $209,000                         

    Ø 2 Title I Hourly teachers

    Ø Data Coach and Reading Coach

    Ø Book giveaways

    Ø More Starfall: K-2 online program  and Home Connection Resource

    Ø Teacher training stipends for after school Professional Development

    Parent Involvement Funds additional $3,000

    Ø Used to provide parent resources and support parent events

    Promise Time 

    Ø Promise Time is our extended learning program that is supported by funds through the Juvenile Welfare Board and Title I.  It will focus initially on R’Club students and our 4th and 5th graders who scored level 2 on Reading and/or Math FCAT last year.  There may be additional opportunities to participate in the future.

    Connect For Success 

    Ø This year Title I provided computers to support our Beyond the Classroom take home computer initiative.  The targeted groups started with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  Based on responses, we were able to open it up to 2nd graders as well.  We are still fulfilling priority requests.  If you would like to be considered should additional computers come available, please complete form at sign in table.

    Parent Resource Area

    Ø The parent resource area is located just outside the office.  Please stop by and view the resource materials available for home support.  Our current School Improvement Plan, Parent Involvement Plan and other resources are available for review.  Title I also has a Parent Resource room at their office located at 2499 25th Street S St. Petersburg.  Hours of operation: M & TH 8:30-6:00 T, W & F 8:30-3:30.  There are books, games and other resources for parent checkout.

    Thank you for your support.  Any questions, please contact the front office (547-7824) and they will direct you to the correct staff member.

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