Welcome Teachers

  • EducatorsEnterprise Village and Finance Park offer your students a curriculum designed to minimize lesson preparation time through an efficient lesson organization system.  The lessons are designed as a framework and can be adapted to meet the special needs and interests of students in your classroom.  In addition, we offer enhanced learning opportunities, which will allow teachers to provide optional activities that complement the core curriculum.  Teachers can choose, at their discretion, to have students participate in some, all, or none of these activities.

    The culmination of the four to six weeks of classroom unit study will result in a visit to our facility.  Students will spend the day practicing the concepts they learned back in the classroom.  This hands-on learning environment allows the students to put their learned skills to use in a “lifelike” scenario.  Following their participation in our simulations, students participate in debriefing lessons to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.  These lessons allow students to reflect on their experience and further identify the relevance of classroom learning to their future plans and goals.

    Home Schooled
    Home-school parents should contact Leslie Tomlin at tomlinl@pcsb.org to make arrangements for your home-schooled student(s) to attend.