Arrival and Dismissal

  • Students may arrive at school at 7:05 am.  Breakfast is served from 7:05 am to 7:25 am in the cafeteria.  Students will take breakfast to their classrooms and eat there.
    Please follow the pcedures below to help expedite our car circle and keep your child safe!


    1. Please display your child’s name in the front window of your car every day using the hang tag provided by PTA.
    2. Always pull all the way forward to the next available flag. We will be calling your child to that numbered flag.
    3. If your child is not in the car circle you must continue in car circle traffic flow.
    4. Remain in your car at all times.
    5. The times for carline pick up times are as follows:  
      • Pre K   - 1:30
      • K, 2 and 4 - 1:40
      • 1, 3 and 5 - 1:45
      • Families with siblings in multiple grades - 1:45
    6. If you arrive early you will be asked to circle through the carline again
    7. If you are going to park and walk up to the school with your child you must use the parking spots at the east end of the lot. Do not park in the bus circle or on the concrete at the east end of the bus circle.
    Thanks for helping to keep our car circle safe!
    Bus Circle Pinellas School District Policy...

    a. No faculty, parent, or other private vehicles (including day care vans) are parked or moving in the school bus loading zone.

    b. Flashing student amber/red loading/unloading lights will not be used in school bus circles. But…Vehicles shall never, under any circumstances, pass a school bus while students are being loaded or unloaded.