• What is PMAC?

    The Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee (PMAC) is a multicultural student leadership program designed to empower students to have a positive, sustainable impact on the culture and climate of their schools and communities. The program became a school board mandate in order to ensure that students had the right to attend a school where all ethnic and cultural heritages are welcomed and respected. 

    The multicultural committee members represent a balance of students by gender and grade level, and representing a cross section of the racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds of the students at the school. 


    For further information please visit the PMAC page on Pinellas County Schools website: https://www.pcsb.org/domain/248


    Shore Acres PMAC Information

    Ø Mission Statement: “To create, sustain, and celebrate a healthy community that is welcoming to all cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs at Shore Acres Elementary

    Ø Students are currently working on a fundraiser that will sell MIND Slime to promote mindfulness.  All proceeds will go to the SPPD K-9 Unit to assist with purchasing bullet-proof vests and other tools for their service to the community!  Fundraiser will begin the first week of April!

    Ø PMAC meets the second Wednesday of every month in RM 106.




    Multicultural Liason: Ms. Garris & Ms. Hosack