Reading Challenge for Winter Break


Over the Winter Break, we want our fabulous Bulldog Readers to keep moving forward with their reading and comprehension skills so they will return from the break refreshed and ready to continue on a path to success!

For every book or chapter in a book your reader reads, he/she will color in one of the ornaments on the tree. Don’t forget the star! That is a total of 12 books or chapters.

While we know these breaks are filled with lots of activities and, hopefully, some relaxation time, there are still opportunities for students to stop are read for a few minutes every day. Students who read for 20 minutes per day are exposed to 1.8 million words per year and score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.* Don’t let your reader fall behind over the break!

Completed, colorful trees should be returned to your teacher or the media center when we return to receive a special reward. Trees will not be accepted after January 12th.

We would love to feature pictures of our Bulldogs meeting our reading challenge over the break. If you would like to snap a picture of your student reading, please email it to Miss Donley at Pictures will be on display on the school news and in a library display.

*Source: Learning Words from Context /Nagy, Herman, Anderson/ 1987 Benefits of 10–20 Minutes