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September 17, 2023 Callout

Good evening Jaguar Families, 

Back to School Night was amazing, and I was overjoyed by the amount of families in attendance as well as the support you provided to our teachers.  It truly was exciting to see you engage within the classes that your students attend daily.  The other highlight of the week was seeing the pride in students as they completed their FAST Testing for ELA and Math.  Not all scores are accessible yet, but we have already seen great gains from our 6th and 7th Grade students as it relates to their ELA scores from the previous year.  Students and teachers are working hard everyday and the proof is in the proficiency and learning gain results.

Monday September 18th is an A day and it is also the day for Student Pictures.  Please start the day off right in dress code and looking sharp.  On September 20th, the Center for Gifted Studies will have their Student Success Plan Reviews Seminar in the Cafeteria at 5:30 pm.  This meeting is only for those that have received an email from Mrs. Grogan.

Once again, it was a pleasure seeing you at Back-to-School night.  I look forward to all other opportunities to collaborate with each of you throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 727-552-1737 during normal operating hours.

Have a great rest of your weekend, thank you for your time, and Go Jaguars!

September 18th is an A Day – Periods 1-4

9/18 - Student Picture Day

Schedule for student pictures:

9:50 -10:20 – 6th grade A-J 

10:20-10:50 – 6th grade K-S 

10:50-11:20- 6th grade T-Z (and any remaining 6th grade) 

11:25-12:05 – 7th grade A-J 

12:05-12:45 – 7th grade K-S  

12:45-1:25 -  ACCESS (MMI)

1:25-2:05 – 7th grade T-Z (and any remaining 7th grade)

2:05-2:50 – 8th grade A-J 

2:50-3:20 – 8th grade K-S 

3:20-3:50 – 8th grade T-Z (and any remaining 8th grade) 



9/20 – Center for Gifted Studies (CGS) Success Plan Parent Meetings

If you received an email or call out from Mrs. Grogan, AP, you will need to attend this meeting to help support your CGS Student as they are currently underperforming in a class with a grade of less than a C.

Schedule for student pictures:

9:50 -10:20 – 6th grade A-J 

10:20-10:50 – 6th 

Dress Code 

  • Please use the link below to access the Thurgood Marshall Dress Code for the 2023-2024 School year.  
  • Hoodies are not permitted on campus.  Students are only permitted to wear jackets, sweatshirts, or long sleaved items as long as they do not have an attached hood.  All items must adhere to the Fundamental Policies, be school appropriate, and meet the guidelines set forth in the PCS Student Code of Conduct. 
    • We have provided multiple warnings and submitted a variety of dress code violations for this infraction.  Starting Monday, Hoodies will be confiscated if they are being worn on campus.  Parents will be able to pick the hoodies up at the front office during normal operating hours.  Keeping a hoodie in a backpack or locker is fine as long as it is not out or worn.

9/18 – 9/19 - PM1 Testing Math (All Make Up Testing for Math and ELA will be in the afternoons)

All students, grades 6 through 8, will be participating the PM1 FAST Assessment for both Reading and Math.  These tests are adaptive so students will see a range of question types and they may become more difficult as the test progresses.  This first assessment will be used to help track individual student progress, determine remediation and intervention plans, and help the teachers and students set goals prior to the PM2 test which will be administered in December and January. A letter outlining these assessments was sent home on Friday 8/25.

The schedule is below:


AM Testing:

Silva PD 1-4



AM Testing:

Silva PD 5-8



TMFMS – Meeting Calendar of Events

Please review the attached document that includes the current list of scheduled events for the year.  Use this calendar to guide yourself in deciding which meetings to attend for your meeting credit options.  Remember, you will need to attend 6 meetings this year to be in compliance the Fundamental schools parent agreement.  As of right now, we have 24 events scheduled that can earn your credits.  There are also options for volunteer work, chaperones, booster groups and committees that allow for you to earn credits as pertaining to the parent agreement and Fundamental policy.

23.24 TMFMS Meeting Calendar.docx 


R'ClubIf you are interested in enrolling your child/ren at R'Club where we focus on teaching Respect, Resourcefulness, Responsibility and Responsiveness then this is the program for you for before and aftercare! Please contact Roshelle Foster (Director) AKA Ms. Ro for more details. First come first served. I may be contacted @ (727)323-7041/(727)433-4346


Cell Phone Policy – Phones are to remain away all day. 

Phones that are out in any school setting can be confiscated and provided to the front office where a parent will have to pick up.  Phones that are confiscated will not be handed back to students at the end of the day.  Students may use phones in the morning as they wait to enter the building, but once they enter for breakfast, the phones are put away.  Students are also permitted to use phones after school ends as they wait for buses and parent pick up.


School Lunch - Free to All Students (students will use their Lunch PIN to log they have received a lunch.  This PIN will also be used for our Tardy tracking system which will begin next week)


School Hours – Student hours are from 9:40 – 4:10 Monday through Friday. 

  • Students can be dropped off by parents in the car circle located behind the school off of 19th Ave South.   
  • Students should not arrive to campus before 9:10 each day. 
  • Students will be permitted to enter campus at 9:10 each morning where they will report to the cafeteria for breakfast. 
  • Students must be picked up by 4:40 each afternoon. 
  • If students are participating in any ELP, Tutoring, Enrichment, or club opportunities, they must be picked up by 5:15pm. 


Thank you for your time, 

Kevin Schottler