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Incoming 7th graders: Immunization Info

TDAP Vaccinations- 7th grade only

By law, all students must receive a Tdap vaccine before the first day of 7th grade and should have received two chickenpox vaccines.


  • Students are required to show proof of the required immunizations or a valid documented exemption.
  • Students will need to have received one Tdap booster and two chickenpox vaccines.
  • Pinellas County Schools are required to enforce these immunization requirements and strongly encourage you to get this completed as soon as possible.
  • After your child has received these vaccines, please turn in a completed certificate of immunization or exemption to the school prior to the first day. If we do not receive this documentation, your student will not be allowed to attend classes and will have to be sent home.


You can contact your child’s healthcare provider to request these vaccines. If your child does not have a healthcare provider, immunizations are available at no cost at your local Department of Health location.


If you have any questions about these vaccine requirements, you are welcome to call the School Health Services department at 588-6320 for assistance.