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Dress Code


  • The dress or grooming of a student should be neat and clean and not disruptive to the classroom atmosphere, educational process, or unusually distracting to others.
  • Students should wear clothing as designed to be worn; pants and skirts must be worn at waist level.
  • Students violating the dress code will be sent to the office to call their parents and request a change of clothing, when necessary.
  • The student may be issued a detention for repeated violation of the dress code policy. Repeated violations are considered defiance and may result in a referral to the school’s Intervention and Appeals Committee.

The administration shall be the final judge as to the neatness and cleanliness of wearing apparel and whether such apparel is appropriate, disruptive, distracting, or in violation of health and safety rules



Fundamental Dresscode

ACCEPTABLE Dress        


  • Dresses or Skirts: Knee Length, No Shorter Than 3” Above Knee.


  • Top of the Slit in a Skirt May Be No More Than 3” Above Knees.


  • Shirts, Blouses, and/or Sweaters for Both Boys and Girls Must Cover the Midriff.


  • Athletic Shoes, Sneakers, and Shoes with Heels and/or Straps (All Shoes Must Have a Back)


  • Pants: Length 2” from The Floor, but No More Than One Inch Above the Anklebone. (No Capri Style Pants)


  • Shorts: Must be uniform-style shorts. (No cargo-style shorts)


  • Clothing As Outlined in Announcements for Special Events


  • Sleeves Are Required for Both Girls and Boys



Fundamental Dresscode

UNACCEPTABLE Dress         

  • No Hats, Visors, or bandannas.


  • No non-uniform shorts


  • No Dresses, Shirts, or Blouses that Bare the Midriff


  • No hooded sweatshirts.


  • No Culottes or Skorts Worn More Than 3” Above the Knee


  • No Tank Tops or Sleeveless Tops


  • No Flipflops, Crocs or Similar Style Shoes, Sandals or Shoes Without Back Straps


  • No See-Through Clothing


  • No Halter Dresses or Tops with Plunging Necklines


  • No Clothing or Vintage-Style Jeans with Holes, Cuts, Rips, Tears (Even If No Skin Is Visible)


  • No Sunglasses Inside


  • No Visible Body Piercing (Except Ears)


  • No Clothing Disruptive to The Learning Environment


  • No Exposed Tattoos (Real or Drawn)


  • No Neck Collars, Dog Collars, or Other Heavy Chains


  • No Clothing and/or Jewelry Depicting Profanity, Violence, Weapons, Sexually Suggestive Signs or Symbols, Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, or Cult Gang Groups, Clubs, Organizations, Activities


  • No Pajamas, Sleepwear, Slippers, or Other Pajama Type Attire


  • No Pencil Skirts, Spandex/Form Fitting Pants, Or Leggings, jeggings, or athletic spandex pants, even if fla


  • No Pants Rolled Up or Above the Ankle.