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Drop-off and Pick-up Protocols

For the 2023-2024 school year, we will continue to use the car line method that was implemented last year. This method was assessed by the City of St. Petersburg and was found to be successful. Parents of 6th grade scholars or new 7th/ 8th grade scholars, this will be slightly different from the summer camps. 

Please enter the car circle from 18th Avenue to 40th Street to 19th Avenue to our car circle. Exiting the car circle please turn right onto 19th Avenue and right onto 38th Street and left (access to 22nd Avenue, 34th Street or 18th Avenue) at 21st Avenue.  This will help in the entry and exit process.  Also, please pull all the way forward (around the curve) to drop students off and pick them up. Please speak with your scholar to keep an eye out for your vehicle and to walk forward. This will help us to team together to have a more efficient car rider line. Remember, the beginning of the year starts out a bit slower but will move quickly as time goes on.  Please be considerate and avoid blocking household driveways as you wait in line for student pick up. 

All walkers and bicycle riders will exit the front of the building and use the sidewalk down toward 22 Ave. S, in order to be as safe as possible.  No walkers will enter/exit in the car circle.  Please do not drop students off in front of the school off 22nd Avenue South as this disrupts the flow of traffic and could be dangerous. 

The car circle gate will open at 8:30 AM and students can be dropped off officially at 9:10 AM.  If we begin to drop students off beginning at 9:10 AM and follow the flow designated by the description above, the process will improve each day.