Our Vision of Excellence in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is that all students are general education students first.  We strive to support students in building the skills they need to meet the demands of college, career, and life and to engage as productive citizens of the world. 

    At TSHS, we promote the inclusion of ESE students and offer a variety of levels of support to students according to their Individualized Education Plans (IEP).  Each student has a case manager on site who monitors their progress toward graduation requirements. 

    If your student has qualified for ESE and has an active IEP, feel free to inquire about:

    • Waiver information for end of course exams and Florida Standards Assessments
    • Extended time applications for ACT/SAT/AP testing
    • Deferred diploma option
    • Career Assessment opportunities
    • Pinellas Technical College (PTC) dual enrollment

    *Eligibility criteria apply

    For additional information, please contact:


    George Kotis 

    Varying Exceptionalities Specialist


    727-943-4900, ext. 2174



    Jay Austin  austinj@pcsb.org

    Lori Hoag  hoagl@pcsb.org 

    Stephanie Walden  WALDENS@pcsb.org


    Courses Offered: 

    EBD Program:  Core academics & social personal class 

    Support Facilitation:  offered in many general education classes

    Learning Strategies: Requirement for 9th grade ESE students *Can be waived in certain circumstances

    Unique Skills:  Recommended class for students below a 2.0

    Reading:  determined by FSA scores from previous school year and IEP services