• School Advisory Council - SAC

    What is SAC?

    SAC is the School Advisory Council. This is a team of people representing various segments of the community- parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/industry as well as other interested community members.

    Each Florida school is required by law to have a SAC. Each of the above-mentioned individuals is known as a stakeholder. These stakeholders are individuals representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic makeup of the school's community. Each SAC is responsible for strategic planning for their school's improvement.

    The Role of SAC


    • Assists in the development or review of the school vision statement.
    • Collects and analyzes information about the community (external) and the school (internal) and receives input regarding needs of the school.
    • Assists in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan.
    • Advertises the final draft of the school improvement plan and conducts a public meeting for community suggestions for modifications


    • Develops a plan for the expenditure of school improvement funds ($5.00/per student) aligned to the school improvement plan.
    • Assists with the preparation of the school's annual budget.


    • Communicates to parents and other community members the progress of the school improvement plan implementation
    • Supports school improvement implementation and assists the principal and school staff in carrying out implementation where appropriate
    • Serves as an advocate in the community and the school for implementation and assists in public relations efforts related to the plan.


    • Provides an ongoing review of the progress being made toward implementation of the School Improvement Plan.
    • Evaluates success by monitoring short-term and long term outcomes.

    Helping Achieve

    • A Safe Learning Environment
    • Effective and Efficient Operations
    • Highest Student Achievement


    SAC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. We would love to see you there. Our school will never achieve its potential without the local community and volunteers like you. Thank you for serving with us.


    Contact Mara Talley SAC Chairman at maratalley@outlook.com