• Volunteer Coordinator

    Cathryn Tyler

    Community Involvement Liaison
    (727) 943-4900 

    Department of Family and Community Relations

    Welcome Volunteers!

    You have taken a step towards making a significant impact on the excellent education programs offered in Pinellas County Schools.

    Improved academic achievement for each student, in a safe learning environment, is the priority of the school district. Volunteers provide enrichment opportunities that enhance the educational experience for students while supporting our teachers and staff members. Volunteers also help us build a strong foundation for the students as they select a career path or post secondary education.

    Becoming a School Volunteer

    If you are not yet a Pinellas County Schools volunteer, contact the Community Involvement Department at (727) 588-6405 or Tarpon Springs High School. The interview will help will help match your talents and interests to a volunteer job that you will enjoy and to a school that can use your services.

    To help with your placement, consider these questions:

    • Would you like to work directly with students?
    • What kind of volunteer job would you like to do?
    • Where would you prefer to work -- high school or vocational / career / technical school?
    • What days or hours do you prefer?
    • How much time do you have that would prepare you for your volunteer job?
    • What are you looking for in your volunteer experience?

    You do not need a teaching certificate, however, you should have:

    • A genuine interest in helping student.
    • A commitment to your volunteer activity.
    • A cooperative attitude with faculty and staff.
    • Training as recommended for your volunteer placement.
    • Training as required for mentors.
    • FlexibilityRegular attendance.



    Volunteers registered with the community Involvement Department are covered by Pinellas County Schools' general liability insurance program. In case of accident, please notify your community involvement program coordinator, the school secretary or the principal immediately.

    Credit Union

    Pinellas County residents are eligible to join the Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union. For more information, call the Credit Union at (727) 585-8775.

    Tax Deductions

    For information about tax deductions, see IRS booklet #526, Charitable Deductions, or call the IRS at (800) 829-1040.

    Volunteer Job Descriptions


    A tutor may work one-on-one with a student or with small groups of students who need to reinforce basic skills in academic subject. Placements are made with students from pre-kindergarten through high school and with students in vocational / career / technical schools.


    Mentors work with struggling students. Their major task is to motivate the student to stay focused on school. Through tutoring, setting short-term goals and serving as a role model, volunteers can provide encouragement and friendship to a student needing to build self-esteem. New mentors are required to attend a Pinellas County Schools mentor workshop.

    Classroom Helpers

    Volunteers work closely with classroom teachers and staff, assisting in various projects, keeping records, preparing instructional materials and interacting with students. Duties in middle and high schools, and adult education centers may include working on special projects, operating audiovisual equipment, performing clerical duties, making instructional materials, reviewing homework and assisting with testing.

    Office/Clerical Assistant

    Clerical assistants help staff members at a school, administrative center or adult / community education education center. Duties may include typing, computer entry, copying, bookkeeping, record keeping, telephone and switchboard operator, as well as other office work.

    Media Center / Library Assistant

    Volunteers in the school library / media center help fill teacher and student requests for services. They may also work at the circulation desk,catalogue and shelve books, use a computer, mend books and operate audiovisual equipment.


    Volunteer chaperones have the opportunity to enjoy museums, exhibits, musicals and plays as they accompany students and teachers on field trips. Trips may involve free transportation on a bus and occasional free admission tickets. Field trip drivers and chaperones must be registered volunteers.


    Computer helpers share computer skills and knowledge of various models of computers and software. Volunteers assist students and / or school staff in classrooms or administrative offices.

    Activities Volunteers / Booster Clubs

    Activities volunteers lend a hand to support school extracurricular clubs, groups and events. Areas of involvement for activities volunteers include participating in organizations such as PTA / PTSA and booster clubs; serving as volunteer coaches; and assisting with sports, music or drama programs.

    School Advisory Council Member (SAC)

    Schools elect members of the SAC to represent a broad cross section of the school's student population and the area in which the school is located. Volunteers from the community can express an interest in becoming a member of a council. The SAC functions as a resource to the principal as members work as a team to accomplish school improvement goals.

    Off-Site Volunteering

    Those who do clerical volunteer work at home or work our of the school with a club activity should be registered and keep a written record of their hours of service. Phone recruiting of other volunteers or working on the school newsletter are some other examples.

    Partnership Programs

    Partnerships match community resources to identified needs of the school district or individual schools. School, in turn, provide resources to meet identified needs of a particular partner such as a business or community group. Partners often contribute more than money to the program -- they donate time and expertise, send tutors and mentors to volunteer in the classroom, speak to classes about their business or organization and invite students on field trips.