• General Information

    Philosophy : "Students who are healthy in mind and body are better able to reach their academic potential. We hope that our services will aid in decreasing the number of student absences at Tarpon Springs High School." The clinic is staffed by a registered nurse and health technician.

    Our services include the following:
    Monitoring of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart problems, hemophilia and asthma

    Classroom instruction and individual instruction about health issues

    Follow up when a student returns to school from surgery, injury, or an illness, such as mono

    Referrals to medical resources and health insurance options

    Administration of medication if the parent/guardian fills out the required card and brings the medication to school in the original container

    Confidential counseling regarding sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, etc.

    Parent conferences with the nurse regarding the student's health and medical needs

    Our clinic acts as the portal between students with health needs and the Home. If your child is ill and calls you ask them to please go to the clinic and check in there, our Nurse or Technician will contact you and aid them till transport can be arranged.

    Please do not pick a child that is ill up from school without first notifying the Clinic or School Administration.
    Leslie Seymour...  943-4900, ext. 2026