Phantom Clubs

  • 3-D Printers Club

    Sponsors: Mr. Sabo

    Meets: TBA


    Art Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Guccione

    Meets: TBA


    Battle of the Books Club

    Sponsors: Miss Arof

    Meets: TBA


    Chess Club

    Sponsors: Ms. Holton

    Meets: Thursdays 4:15-5:30pm


    Florida Model United Nations

    Sponsor: Mr. Scalia

    Meets: TBA


    Girlfriends Club

    Sponsor: 6th Grade - Mrs. Vigue, 7th Grade - Mrs. Stewart, 8th Grade - Mrs. Hill

    Meets: TBA


    Journalism Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Arof

    Meets: Thursdays 8:45-9:40


    Music Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Pizarro



    National Honor Society

    Sponsor: Mrs. Guerra

    Meets: TBA


    Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee

    Sponsors: TBA

    Meets: Once a month during school hours


    Science Olympiad                                       

    Sponsor:  Mr. Scalia

    Meets: Monday and Thursday 4:25 - 5:10pm


    Spanish Honor Society

    Sponsors: Sra Guerra

    Meets: During school hours


    Speech and Debate Club

    Sponsors: TBA

    Meets: TBA


    STEM Club

    Sponsor: Pearson/Hamm

    Meets: TBA


    Student Council

    Sponsor: Sponsor Needed

    Meets: Various during school hours