Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Administration



    Mr. Randy Shepherd

    7th Assistant Principal


    Randy Shepherd began his educational career as a 7th grade Social Studies Teacher in Montgomery, Alabama after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University Montgomery. After receiving master’s degrees from both the University of Alabama and Alabama State University, Mr. Shepherd served as an Assistant Principal and Principal for 11 years in North Carolina. He is currently in his 4th year with Pinellas County Schools and is happy to call Pinellas County home.



    8th Grade Assistant Principal

     Dr. Robyn Witcher
    8th Grade Assistant Principal

    My 33 year career as an educator has taken me on many paths through the classroom, the school site, district, and across the college campus. I have had a myriad of experiences as an instructor, curriculum leader, and administrator. All of these roles have called for great professional commitment, determination and highly evolved ingenuity, all of which has given me a clear sense of the demands of present-day educational systems and the need for farsighted vision and extensive planning.

    I served as a classroom teacher for 13 years, and a principal for 7 years, an assistant principal for 13 and a college professor for 3 years. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia State University in Family and Consumer Science, a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of South Florida.

    21st century educators must prepare students to live in a world that has yet to be determined, access information that is rapidly changing, and utilize tools that have not been discovered. 21st century learners must be critical thinkers and problem solvers, great communicators and collaborators, creative and innovative, and self- directed individuals able to flex and adapt to the global the landscape. The 21st century further demands that education be research driven, use best practices, and be a powerful learning experience that shapes and supports the acquisition of essential skills.

    It is my goal to be a change agent for the students served by providing them with the highest quality of instruction, delivered by highly qualified, high performing, and diverse instructors.

    I have a passion for learning and I remain on a continuous quest for knowledge. It is my desire to convey my love of learning to students and instill the same zeal for learning in them. It is a great feeling to witness students unearthing knowledge and know that you had a hand in making it possible.