Morgan Fitzgerald Center for Gifted Studies

  • The mission of the Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School Center for Gifted Studies is to provide a nurturing and enriching evironment for gifted students in 6th through 8th grade. 
    The philosophy of the Middle School Centers for Gifted Studies is grounded in the belief that gifted students require comprehensive and on-going differentiated curriculum and instruction in order to develop their abilities appropriately. The curriculum is integrated across the broad concepts of change, systems, and models, and uses an interdisciplinary approach. Rather than learning each subject as a separate entity, students discover how they are connected, thus  promoting in-depth learning and creative, critical, and complex thinking. 
    "The Pinellas County gifted middle school magnet program is a very progressive model, not just for Florida but for the nation in its provisions to their best learners. It also represents excellence in collaboration and communication among teachers, parents, principals, and central office staff. I expect them to be highly successful with these new, research-based programs."
    Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Professor Emeritus
    College of William and Mary


    To schedule a tour or a shadowing experience, please contact Cathie Mullins


    For more information about curriculum in the Center for Gifted Studies, please contact Lisa Micalizzi


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